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In partnership with CAPCOM, we are proud to announce the original soundtrack to one of the most beautiful and singularly artistic games ever made: OKAMI™. A selection of sublime and reflective orchestral tracks from the BAFTA-winning score, newly remastered and pressed on vinyl for the first time to coincide with the game’s re-release on Nintendo Switch.

Originally released in 2006 and composed by Masami Ueda, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Rei Kondoh and Akari Groves, the music of OKAMI perfectly embodies the creative beauty of the game and its recurring themes of restoration and resolve. Using traditional Japanese instruments and inspired by distant folklore, the score moves between peacefulness and danger, colour and darkness, echoing the dualities of the natural world and transporting the listener to an ancient Nippon that never existed, yet feels like a half-remembered dream. OKAMI is one of the most contemplative, unique and unequivocally beautiful game scores ever made.

OKAMI is presented as a quadruple LP boxset, comprising over two hours of newly remastered music and packaged in a spot-varnished hardboard slipcase. It is accompanied by a 40-page artbook and double-sided lithographic print, featuring original illustrations from the CAPCOM archives in Japan. A download code for the album in both lossless and lossy formats is also included. Available in the following editions:

  • 4 x 180g Frosted Clear vinyl with “Cherry Blossom Pink” and “Amaterasu White” splatter **LIMITED EDITION**
  • 4 x 180g Frosted Clear
  • 4 x 180g Classic Black

PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be combined with any other items from our catalogue. It will ship separately in a custom-made mailer, designed specifically for this release.


SIDE A: A1. Title / A2. Prologue / A3. Cave of Nagi / A4. Kamiki Village / A5. Celestial Brush / A6. Silence of Stones / A7. Cursed Shinshu Plains

SIDE B: B1. Constellation (Rejuvenation) / B2. Ominous Feelings / B3. Cursed Hana Valley / B4. Eat This / B5. Hana Valley / B6. Curse Zone / B7. Shinshu Plains / B8. Cherry Blossom Shower

SIDE C: C1. Shinto Preist Mika’s Theme / C2.  Lake Harami / C3. Sakuya’s Theme / C4. True Sakuya Part 1 / C5. Agata Forest / C6. Waka Appears / C7. Theme of Madame Fawn / C8. Tsuta Ruins / C9. Death

SIDE D: D1. A Great Monster Lies in Wait / D2. Nagi Village / D3. The Canine Warriors’ Theme / D4. Kushi’s Choice / D5. Sacrificial Arrow / D6. Moon Cave / D7. Susano & Kushi's Love Theme (Two People Gazing at Each Other) / D8. Save I

SIDE E: E1. Conversing with a Brushstroke God / E2. Kamiki Festival / E3. Ryoshima Coast / E4. Cursed Se-an City / E5. Sei-an (Aristocratic Quarter) / E6. Sei-an (Commoners' Quarter) / E7. Save II

SIDE F: F1. Kaguya’s Theme / F2. Kaguya’s Departure / F3. Queen Himiko’s Theme / F4. Himiko’s Sorrow / F5. Dragon Palace / F6. Inside the Water Dragon / F7. Oni Island

SIDE G: G1. Kamui of the Northern Lands / G2. Wep’keer / G3. Kamiki Village's Sorrowful Tradition / G4. Resolve / G5. The Setting Sun / G6. Waka’s Fate / G7. Yami (The Emperor of Eternal Darkness)

SIDE H: H1. Okami Shiranui / H2. Reset (Thank You Version) / H3. Rising Sun / H4. To the Celestial Plain (Tamagahara) / H5. The End