DATA017: Policenauts



Released in partnership with KONAMI, this newly remastered edition of POLICENAUTS is presented as a double LP with an accompanying 12-page art booklet and lithographic print, featuring original illustrations drawn from the archives.

Originally released in 1994, the game never saw an official release outside of Japan. Despite this, POLICENAUTS has since garnered a cult following, not least for its astonishing soundtrack by Konami Kukeiha Club. Throughout its 70-minute duration, POLICENAUTS blends together themes inspired by 80’s buddy cop movies, crime noir and hard science fiction, complete with John Carpenter-esque synths, piano ballads, infectious rhythm sections and downbeat, smoky brass lines reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti in Twin Peaks mode. POLICENAUTS is a varied and unique soundtrack, but one that ingeniously manages to bring together its ostensibly disparate parts into a cohesive and beguilingly atmospheric whole.

Available in the following editions:

  • 2 x 180g Black and White Swirl (Limited Edition)
  • 2 x 180g Opaque White
  • 2 x 180g Classic Black

PLEASE NOTE: The opaque white edition may show some small traces of black. Some copies are in shrink wrap, others are in resealable polypropylene sleeves. In terms of shipping weight, this item counts as TWO records.


A1. Legendary Faces / A2. Opening Title "Old L.A. 2040" / A3. Criminal Investigation Part 1 / A4. L'Amour Impossible / A5. Embarrassment ~ Murder ~ Shoot for Angels / A6. Capturing / A7. The End of Beyond / A8. The Zone / A9. 28 Years

B1. Call Your Name / B2. First Triangle / B3. Theme from "News Order" / B4. Girls / B5. Landfall / B6. BCP H.Q. / B7. Magic Subway / B8. Dear My Friend / B9. Lavender / B10. Innocence White

C1. No, No, No! / C2. Mission 307 / C3. Sweet Home / C4. Ana's Theme / C5. Owl-Cat / C6. Investigate / C7. My Love / C8. Domestic Moon / C9. Abandoned Launcer / C10. Atmosphere in Gray / C11. Living in the Real World

D1. Icy Offense and Defense / D2. Incarnation / D3. The Movement of Clouds / D4. Stouthearted / D5. Past Year at Sunset Beach / D6. End of the Dark / D7. Karen / D8. "Policenauts" End Title