Are these official releases?

Yes. All of our releases are officially licensed, ensuring that all fees and royalties are paid to the rightful owners. We do not condone bootlegging or counterfeiting in any way.

Can you tell me how limited XXX release is? I want to flip some copies on eBay/Discogs...

Unless a number is specified on the product page, then please assume that we have chosen not to advertise the quantity at this time. This is for many reasons, not least to discourage re-sellers. We want to ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity to buy our records, but at the same time, we understand that scarcity is important to some people. It is for this reason that we offer different editions of each release. Our 'limited editions' will never be repressed - once they've sold out, they're gone forever. However, we may repress the other editions when necessary to meet demand.

Which edition should I buy?

That depends entirely on your personal preferences. We usually offer three editions - a 'limited edition' (featuring a special vinyl effect), a colour edition and a black edition. Generally speaking, if you value audio quality above all else, then the black edition is the choice for you. The sound quality of the 'limited edition' may suffer marginally in comparison (i.e: there MAY be a slight increase in audible surface noise). It will, however, look the most visually impressive. The colour edition will usually sit somewhere between the two, but the difference will most likely be negligible. Please remember that vinyl manufacturing is not an exact science; it's a mechanical process involving many variables along the way. Vinyl colouring is only a minor part of the process; the source material and mastering are far more important factors, so these will always be our priority.

Do I need to buy the 'limited edition' to get the extra goodies?

No. All of our editions include exactly the same additional materials (lithographic prints, posters etc), whether it be the 'limited edition' version, the colour or the black. The ONLY tangible difference between them is the vinyl colour.

Why don't you release picture discs?

Because records are for listening to.

Who masters the audio for your releases?

We are fortunate enough to have two in-house audio engineers and our own custom-made studio here in London, so we usually capture and master the audio ourselves. This is decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on the source material and type of audio. On other occasions we outsource the work to other professional mastering engineers. All of our releases are carefully mastered for the vinyl format.

What's the best way to find out about your new releases?

By joining our mailing list (there's a signup box at the bottom of this page), or by following us on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram.

Do you offer digital downloads with your releases?

At this time only Sonic Mania, Metal Slug and Okami include a complimentary download code. Unfortunately, all other releases do not. This is purely due to legal restrictions.

Digital versions of Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2, Streets of Rage 3, The Revenge of Shinobi, OutRun, Space Harrier, Shinobi III and Super Hang-On are now available to purchase separately from our BANDCAMP store. We hope to add more in the future.

Do all of your releases come in shrink wrap?

Sometimes, but not always. While most copies are in shrink wrap, others are packed in resealable polypropylene sleeves instead. This applies to every release, so while a "sealed copy" is likely, it is by no means guaranteed.

But don't records lose their value once they've been opened and played?

Untrue. In fact, the more you play your records, the more valuable they'll become to you.

How can I tell which edition is which without opening them?

All editions of the same release are indistinguishable from one another unless you open them. If you would like us to label them, then please email us with your order number and we'll sort something out.

What speed are your records?

All of our releases play at 33.3rpm, unless otherwise stated on the labels (for example, Super Hang-On, Panzer Dragoon, The Revenge of Shinobi, Gunstar Heroes, Altered Beast, After Burner II, Alien Storm and Alien Soldier all play at 45rpm).

Do you do pre-orders?

Sometimes we take pre-orders for our releases (but not all the time). In these instances, the product is always in full production BEFORE we take anyone's money. We do not use pre-orders to fund releases. The expected shipping date will be clearly displayed on the product page.

My friend, who has a full health bar, just ate the apple that I desperately needed. What should I do?

I would seriously reconsider your choice of Streets of Rage partner. And your friendship as a whole.



What payment methods do you accept?

Most credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Please note that we do NOT accept Paypal.

Are my card details safe on your site?

Absolutely. All card payments are processed using Stripe and are therefore very secure. For more details, please view our Security page.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged in full at the time of order. This also applies to pre-orders.

Do you ship worldwide?

Mostly yes. However, due to recurring instances of lost/stolen parcels, we no longer ship directly to the following countries: Kuwait, Israel, Chile, Qatar, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mexico, amongst others. If you live in one of these countries, then we suggest using a UK-based forwarding service such as AMAREX to place your order instead. Many of our customers already do this with great success.

If there's an order restriction on a particular release (such as a limit of 1 or 2 per household), can I just ignore that and use a bot to purchase multiple copies for reselling on eBay?

If you are suspected of using a bot or any shopping software to circumvent any product restrictions, then we reserve the right to cancel all or part of your orders entirely at our discretion.

I live in the EU. What's the deal with tax and fees after Brexit?

All EU orders are shipped with prepaid tax (using our IOSS number). The price of our products already includes VAT and we will pass this VAT onto your country's government on your behalf. This means there should be NO additional taxes for you to pay when your parcel is delivered. While we cannot 100% guarantee that your local postal service won't charge you a handling fee (which is unlikely, though you would be liable for), you should NOT be charged any additional VAT.

How many records can you ship in one order?

For the vast majority of countries, we can ship a maximum of FOUR records in one order (with single LPs counting as ONE record, double LPs as TWO records and so on). There are some exceptions to this rule as follows:

UK: a maximum of SIX records per parcel

USA: a maximum of SIX records per parcel

GERMANY/FRANCE: a maximum of FIVE records per parcel

AUSTRALIA: a maximum of EIGHT records per parcel

For all other countries, please assume there is a limit of FOUR records per parcel. If you wish to order more, then please place two separate orders.

If in doubt, just add the items to your cart. If you then encounter an error during checkout, this is because you've exceeded the weight restriction per parcel for your country.

Why can't you ship more than 4 records per order to my country?

For most countries, shipping prices jump significantly for any parcels weighing over 2kg. Therefore, it's usually cheaper to ship multiple smaller parcels.

In addition, for EU countries, there is also a new regulation that means any parcels valued over 150 EUR are subject to additional tax. Sending multiple parcels below this value is far more economical.

It says there are no shipping options for my destination. What's going on?

This usually happens when the number of items you're trying to order exceeds the maximum weight we can ship in one package (please place two separate orders instead). Or possibly, we are not currently able to ship to your country.

Can I change my shipping address after ordering?

You will need to email us. Please be aware that changing an address in your customer account will only affect FUTURE orders - it will have no effect on existing ones. Please ask us to do this for you.

Can I amend an order I've already made? Can I add/remove an item?

No, unfortunately our shopping cart system doesn't allow for this. Instead, please email us and we will cancel your order so you can a place a new one.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may cancel your order at any time prior to shipping. To request a cancellation, you will need to email us with your order number. Please be aware that if your order has already been shipped, or is in the process of being shipped, then it can no longer be cancelled. Please also note that we do not accept international returns.

Why do I have to enter my phone number during checkout?

Your phone number is important in case your local postal service has any problems finding your address. We may include your phone number on your parcel. This helps to ensure it gets delivered promptly and without any fuss. In addition, we reserve the right to do this for any 'high value' parcel to any destination, at our discretion. If you don't want this, then you'll need to email us and opt out (but you'll be doing so at your own risk - we really don't recommend it!). We will NEVER share your number for any other reason.



Where will my order ship from?

All orders ship from London, England.

What kind of mailers do you use?

Good ones. We're currently using a "Bukwrap" style mailer with additional stiffeners. Plastic corners are also added for larger orders.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Unless otherwise stated on the product page, all orders usually ship within 1 week. Pre-order items are excluded from this, of course.

How will I know when my order has shipped?

You will receive a shipping confirmation email.

Will my order be tracked?

Yes. All orders are sent using a tracked service, without exception. In most cases, the final delivery will be handled by your local postal service, who may or may not require a signature upon delivery.

Where is my tracking number?

At present, we do not send out tracking numbers automatically. Most people don't need them, however if you do, then please email us and we will be happy to send across your information.

Can you remove the record(s) from the outer sleeve to avoid seam splits during shipping? Also, what's a seam split?

A seam split is a common type of postal damage that occurs when your parcel is shaken during transit. The vinyl itself moves around and eventually pushes through the outer sleeve, causing a tear (usually along the top edge). The only way to completely avoid this is to remove the record from the outer sleeve prior to packing. If you would like us to do this, then please email us and we will be happy to oblige.

My records have manufacturing faults. What should I do?

Please email us and of course we will make it right.

How long do I have to report a faulty record?

All manufacturing faults must be reported within 2 weeks of receipt, otherwise we cannot replace or refund them. So no, you can't keep your copy sealed in shrink wrap, then open it a year later and ask for a replacement!

What kind of faults can I claim on?

Anything that adversely affects the playback, which is NOT being caused by your equipment. You will need to email us and discuss the issue. For example, a claim on a warped record will not be accepted unless you send a video showing how it affects the sound (it's unusual for moderate warping/bowling to have any effect). We promise to treat all claims fairly and quickly, but please be aware that sometimes incorrect playback can be caused by YOUR setup (for example, if you're using a cheap "suitcase style" turntable such as a Crosley or Ion).

The record sleeve was damaged in the post. Can I get a replacement?

When they leave us, your record(s) will be in mint condition and packaged very carefully. Hopefully they will arrive safely. Postal damage is rare, but it does happen sometimes, so please be aware of this before placing an order. With the exception of severe damages, we do not send out replacement sleeves separately due to the high shipping costs involved. If your sleeve suffers some minor damage (corner bumps etc), then feel free to email us and, providing we have spare sleeves available, we will happily include one with your next order. Simply email us with your new order number, along with a photo of the damage and we'll take care of it.

What about customs/import charges?

For international orders, please be aware that you will be responsible for any customs/import charges incurred by your package.

Do you accept international returns?

No, we do not accept international returns. This is due to the very high shipping costs and customs fees involved (which you would be liable for when returning any unwanted items).

How long will shipping take to my country?

Generally it takes 2-3 days for UK, 1-2 weeks for Europe and 2 weeks for USA. Obviously, Covid-19 has made these times far more unpredictable, so please take that into consideration. Also please remember that some of our products are sold as pre-orders, so they will not ship until after the expected release date. This will be indicated on the individual product page.

I live in the US and it's been a couple of days. My package should be here, right?

It can take up to 2 weeks for UK parcels to arrive in the US. Please be patient, it will get there soon!

My order still hasn't arrived. What should I do?

Please wait until a reasonable amount of time has passed (say, around 2 weeks for Europe, 3 weeks for the US/ROW) and then get in touch. We'll help in whatever way we can.

I have pre-ordered two separate releases. Will they ship together?

Your order will NOT ship until all items have arrived from the manufacturer. If you wish to receive each item as soon as possible, then please place separate orders.

I've moved house and have mail forwarding set up. Will my parcel arrive okay?

Probably not. In our experience, postal services often don't bother forwarding international parcels to new addresses. This applies in particular to the US. It is MUCH safer to email us and have your shipping address changed. If your postal service fails to forward your parcel to your new address, then it will be returned to us and you'll be responsible for the cost of reshipping it.

My order was returned to you. What are my options?

If, for ANY reason, your parcel is returned to us (due to an incorrect shipping address, or you failed to collect it from the Post Office etc), then of course we will be happy to resend it. However, please be aware that you will have to cover the costs of re-shipping it.

My country is not listed during the checkout. What should I do?

Please email us.