Sonic Frontiers: The Music of Starfall Islands (2xLP)
Sonic Frontiers: The Music of Starfall Islands (2xLP)
Sonic Frontiers: The Music of Starfall Islands (2xLP)
Sonic Frontiers: The Music of Starfall Islands (2xLP)

Sonic Frontiers: The Music of Starfall Islands (2xLP)

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Released in partnership with SEGA of Japan and composer Tomoya Ohtani, The Music of Starfall Islands is a collection of beautiful instrumental and classical-inspired tracks which are used as the background music for the various islands in Sonic Frontiers. The music for each island is presented as a suite, containing several movements that layer upon one another and build up to a climax, each with its own distinctive tone and feel, much like the islands themselves, which range from green meadows, to arid deserts, volcanoes and beyond. The music, composed solely by Tomoya Ohtani, is often stripped down, melancholic, and unexpectedly experimental, featuring an array of unusual sound sources (including Iranian percussion, Celtic vocal samples and Armenian folk instruments). In other moments, it is often rhythmic and emotive, with the addition of subtle electronics and the grandiose strings of The Nashville Scoring Orchestra.

While this release is by no means the complete soundtrack to Sonic Frontiers, we are thrilled to be able to present these beautiful and intriguing tracks as a collection on their own. With its downbeat tone and new compositional approaches, this music is unlike any Sonic soundtrack that has come before and may well subvert the expectations of some long-term fans, but should also surprise and delight audiences both new and old.

As Tomoya Ohtani explains in his liner notes for this release: “I wanted to create an atmosphere for each song that, despite the sadness it carries, also has a glimmer of hope. I do not believe there are many other pieces of Sonic game music that focus so much on the atmosphere as the tracks on Sonic Frontiers do.”

Product Details

  • A selection of 16 tracks spanning all of the islands
  • Double 180g vinyl on translucent “Sonic Blue” colour
  • 12pg booklet featuring extensive liner notes by composer Tomoya Ohtani
  • Lithographic art print of the Japanese game cover
  • Packed into a heavyweight single pocket sleeve

Sample Tracks

Three sample tracks from The Music of Starfall Islands are available to stream below, including an exclusive first listen to a piece of background music from the game’s first island, Kronos Island.

Track List

A1. Kronos Island: 1st Mvt. / A2. Kronos Island: 2nd Mvt. / A3. Kronos Island: 4th Mvt. / A4. Kronos Island: 6th Mvt. / B1. Ares Island: 1st Mvt. / B2. Ares Island: 2nd Mvt. / B3. Ares Island: 4th Mvt. / B4. Ares Island: 6th Mvt. / C1. Chaos Island: 1st Mvt. / C2. Chaos Island: 2nd Mvt. / C3. Chaos Island: 4th Mvt. / C4. Chaos Island: 6th Mvt. / D1. Rhea Island / D2. Ouranos Island / D3. Theme of Starfall Islands / D4. Theme of Koco

Things to Note

This release includes the background music from the islands only (see track list above). It does NOT include any other music from Sonic Frontiers (such as the vocal themes, Cyber Space themes or the song "Vandalize" etc.). Please be aware the booklet contains some spoilers for the game (please read with caution!). The images shown on this page are mockups; the final product may differ slightly. Some copies are in shrink wrap, others are packed in resealable polypropylene sleeves. Please allow up to 1 week for your order to ship.